About Us

GoPC.net is one of the pioneers of hosted virtual desktops and cloud computing. The team behind GoPC created one of Australia’s most successful ASP’s (Application Service Provider) and having survived the Dot.Com crash continued innovating. We invested everything we had into building our dream of launching an ultra-low cost Desktop-as-a-Service via the Internet. In January 2005 we released the GoPC Virtual PC, a desktop based on Linux and Open Source Software transmitted across the Internet. We were first to market and grew to some 16,000 users.

Relocating to Silicon Valley in late 2007 we cut our first trade deal in 2008 with Yahoo! It included investing internal marketing dollars and software licenses to grow GoPC. The marketing investment was ultimately frozen due to Microsoft’s takeover attempt of Yahoo!

The tipping point for Cloud Computing in June 2008 saw the idea adopted by the whole of Silicon Valley over 5 months. GoPC was one of the startups at the centre of this revolution and recognised as one of the few cloud technologies that was actually operational. In 2009 GoPC was publicly recognised as one of the leading cloud startups in Silicon Valley by Silicom Ventures Investor Summit at Stanford University.

After the Global Financial Crisis, Venture Capital dried up and we were forced to self fund. With limited resources we focused all our efforts on R&D where we believed the highest leverage would come. Projects which were expected to take weeks grew into years and it took everything we had to keep going. Finally in August 2013 the company released a ground breaking new cloud innovation codenamed “Rainmaker”. A Patent application was lodged and the technology was recognised by Rackspace earning an video interview and profiling from Robert Scoble in San Francisco. Robert is Rackspace’s technology evangelist with some 4,000,000 followers. This lead to large distribution opportunities with potential channel partners in the US, Asia, Europe and Australia with each providing millions of potential customers.

In July 2014 we launched a cut-down version of Rainmaker called RainDrop to protect consumers banking identity when using shared or untrusted PCs. It initially targeted 250,000 people (5% of the total population) of Denmark who still use Windows XP and no longer had secure online banking.

GoPC has since raised further investment capital to support its expansion through channel partnerships.

We use open standards and deliver free and open source software at the entry level. Our vision is to help people change their world by providing access to ultra-low cost Computing-as-a-Service.