Watch out this CryptoLocker virus!

04 May 2015 by Team GoPC

On Thursday, a company we know opened an email from the Australian Federal Police, despite being warned about it. It was of course a virus and they’ve been infected. It encrypts the users desktop but also every file system they have access to on the server.
If you are on a Microsoft PC or Terminal Server desktop then this can happen to you.
If you see any email with an attachment, even from somebody you recognise, please don’t open it unless you’re within a GoPC Linux desktop where it can’t run.
Yes we have the capability with GoPC to look directly at the sun without being affected. So please be warned and be careful.

Desktop Boost

12 December 2014 by Graeme Speak

This afternoon we announce the release of a new boosted desktop option for dramatically faster performance and dual monitor support.

Customers can download the new GoPC client here: /download/dl-client/

The new client reduces network usage by up to 90% making it idea for slow Internet connections. The desktop experience is much snappier desktop. The screen size can be expanded on the fly and expanded across dual monitors.

It also includes GoPC print.

Immunity from CryptoLocker (New strain. No antidote).

10 October 2014 by Graeme Speak

Get complete immunity from this virus and inspect email or file contents safely.

Almost all viruses are written for a Microsoft operating system but GoPC’s Rainmaker is a virtual machine and desktop running. It runs within any web browser or from any screen device. These viruses simply can’t run in a non-Microsoft universe.

The latest strain of the CryptoLocker virus bypasses almost all anti-virus software on Microsoft machines. There is no antidote available. CryptoLocker comes with instructions on how to pay their fee to decrypt your PC. This starts at $600 and increases with time. The payment is made in Bitcoin which is anonymous and untraceable.

Customers running GoPC Zimbra email are recommended to open suspect emails within the Rainmaker desktop rather than locally on a Microsoft PC, Remote Desktop or Terminal Server.

Users with standard Microsoft PC’s should ensure they have backups of their data files and not overwrite previous good backups. As a precaution users can transfer their data files into their GoPC account as a backup. If your local PC is infected you should only access your files through a Rainmaker virtual desktop, and disconnect the GoPC mapped network drive on your infected machine.

If you’re concerned about CryptoLocker, play it safe by using GoPC Rainmaker first.

The GOPC Team

New technology to sharpen performance

09 October 2014 by Graeme Speak

We’ve had stealth project running to reduce the network traffic rendering screens. The goal was to sharpen responsiveness of the desktop experience over congested slower links.

We cracked it this morning!!!!

Neil Richardson who was heading this up has just given me a demo of the teams work and its using 5-10x LESS traffic than the existing systems. Screen rendering is noticeably faster, particularly on intense graphic changes when scrolling websites.

Full credit to Neil who came up with the ideas to use a clever twist and combine an unrelated technology he created 9 months earlier.

From today this is at the top of our roadmap. We next need to develop a seamless experience so users will just click an icon next to the Expand Screen and RDP buttons on the launch console. This will use a small client program which needs to be installed on the local PC which will then be launched automatically.

This dissolves a real friction point for some customers. We will announce an ETA as soon as we have it.

Graeme Speak

Reducing the IT industry to a Click

24 September 2014 by Graeme Speak

Tomorrow night Graeme Speak CEO/Founder of GoPC presents the background story of technology innovation, evolution and entrepreneurship that went into creating the cloud platforms codenamed Rainmaker and Raindrop.

Hosted by Engineers Australia, ITEE, IICA, IET and IEEE at the Engineers Australia Auditorium, 712 Murray Street, West Perth, Australia. The event is catered with food and drinks so includes small $30 cover charge.

If interested in coming along then here is the Flyer and Registration page.

Click here to download the Engineers Australia Flyer

GoPC recognised at SydStart 2014

01 September 2014 by Peter McCredie

My week with Graeme Speak

Graeme has packed his suitcase and headed out to Sydney this week to participate in SydStart, where startups and their entrepreneurs meet to exchange ideas with the aim of changing the world. There’s investors there too looking for the best-of-the-best.


GoPC was short listed in the top 15 out of 220 startups.

This event is the largest tech startup conference, expo and community in Australia and is well on the way to being the largest in our region.

SydStart is run by the Pete Cooper and the tech startup ecosystem for the whole community. Over 1,000 conference and expo delegates are expected at the next event with around 100 companies exhibiting. Between 50 and 100 people will speak or pitch their product plus there will be 200 competitors in the qualifying days before the main event.

Participants include tech entrepreneurs, geeks, UX designers, investors, educators, accelerators, incubators and co-working providers. Take the visual tour.

“Raindrop Announced”:

Graeme is presenting Raindrop at SydStart which co-ordinates with the product release just last week. Raindrop is a cocooned browser that protects your identity on untrusted PCs. It is secure, anonymous and untraceable.

For example, overseas travellers who need to access their bank account in an Internet Cafe can log into Raindrop knowing that their bank login details are safe and sound. Check it out.

New Product - Raindrop launch

27 August 2014 by Graeme Speak

Today we announce the launch of a new service called Raindrop, a cut-down derivative of our main Rainmaker technology.

Raindrop is a cocooned browser that protects your identity on untrusted PCs. It is secure, anonymous and untraceable.

The Problem:
On 15th July, 250,000 people in Denmark (5% of the population) lost secure online banking because Windows XP and Java were end-of-life. A huge media outcry is fuelling awareness in that market. The numbers are representative of most of First World countries and globally 30% of all PCs still run Windows XP.

Using a WiFi network or a shared PC/kiosk machine when travelling can expose you to Keylogging software, Man-in-the-Middle attacks and DNS poisoning. Anonymous proxy’s like Tor are no longer secure since the NSA installed end points.

Without security updates hackers are unrestrained and any machine that is up-patched or running Windows XP exposes you to identity theft.

What is Raindrop

When a User logs into the Raindrop website a new tab is opened instantly hosting the latest version of Chrome or Firefox and other related software like Java. A Linux virtual machine is built afresh in the data centre on each login and appears inside the local PC browser via an encrypted connection.

Raindrop launches initially in Europe and Australia. We are looking for to channel partnerships into regional markets.

GoPC announced as Finalist in WAiTTA awards

16 April 2014 by Graeme Speak

GoPC has been named as a finalist for the 23rd Western Australian Information Technology & Telecommunication Awards (WAiTTA) in the New Products category for its Rainmaker cloud platform.

Rainmaker provides an ultra low-cost alternative from traditional PC/Server networks that reduces Total Cost of Ownership by 70-90% through the delivery of virtual workstation and servers that are built in seconds, future-proofed with continuous automatic upgrades and run on any screen or mobile device.

What makes GoPC’s Rainmaker so unique is that it builds a new virtual machine (VM) every time a user logs in; all software is automatically updated and deployed in seconds to the user. GoPC has also overcome a major virtualization issue known as a “boot storm” and is capable of deploying thousands of new VM’s within minutes.

Graeme Speak, GoPC CEO/Founder said “We are delighted to be a finalist for the WAiTTA New Product Award. It provides recognition of the hard-work and creative energy our whole team has put into the development of GoPC Rainmaker.”


WebOS with PC/Server sophistication and Full Desktop Apps

19 June 2013 by Graeme Speak

I’ve been testing the new Rainmaker system for the last month and I’m so excited about how smooth the new experience is.  This is an incredible new technology and removes all the obstacles to adoption which hampered our earlier users.

I’m running my full suite of desktop applications and accessing 200 Gb of data files and email, with a completely normal desktop experience – and its running within a web browser tab.  It is so cool and smooth to experience. Exactly the same as using a normal PC desktop with my favorites and personalised settings.

There is literally no downloads anymore, unless you are on a very slow link and need higher performance.  You can create your virtual machine with a click.  Power users can select a different operating environment or Linux distribution.   The applications you’ve selected are downloaded and installed as you watch.  And these are all the current versions as at that moment in time.

I can take over control of the desktop running within my web browser from my mobile phone.  It’s current up to the last key stroke.  I can then switch to my tablet or Mac.   Printing has been perfected and now uses the local drivers and printers configured on my physical machine.  It’s easy and reliable.   I even logged in to help a customer and printed out a document to the printer in his office on the other side of the city.

This is exactly what the Web Operating Systems (WebOS) were promissing a few years ago but could never deliver.  The dream was idea but they disappeared because it was impossible to replicated the sophistication of a proper PC/Server environment without a billion lines of code being rewritten.   Rainmaker however is delivering this right now within the web brower.  It looks and feels exactly like a WebOS system. Or you can just run it on any device your holding with the full functionality to work with your normal document files like  .xls, .doc, .ppt, .pdf, .jpg, etc.

We are releasing Rainmaker to customers this month and hoping for a general release to the market on the 1st of July. It’s a very exciting time and the most significant technological advancement since our first release in 2005.

Graeme Speak

Future-proof your IT

13 May 2013 by Graeme Speak

The biggest cost burden in IT is solved by the next innovation from GoPC cloud, codenamed Rainmaker.

Industry analysts like Gartner Research and IDC for years have documented the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a workstation is 4-5x its original purchase price. These hidden costs come from Maintenance and Support over the life of the machine.  This ratio is getting worse as the cost of workstation hardware and operating systems reduce.  Most small to medium enterprises (SME’s) normally don’t implement the technologies to manage large groups of users cost efficiently.

GoPC Rainmaker’s unique innovation are a first for the industry.  It breaks the cycle of ongoing maintenance and software upgrade costs. An organisations IT investment if Future-Proofed from the day it commences which cuts IT costs instantly.   The IT system guarantees each user is always running the very latest.   The supercomputing technology we’ve implemented enables GoPC to scale with linear performance matching growth to multi-Petabyte or even Exabyte scale.

This provides huge advantages for any size organisation, small or large, because it minimises the really big costs of IT – the hidden TCO of every workstation.

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