BankVault for your business

BankVault secures your online bank transactions with patented technology that completely bypasses the usually-compromised, endpoint PC. Instead, it connects users to BankVault’s secure cloud, where a single-use virtual machine is created for the banking session. Once done, the virtual machine is deleted.

“You can’t hack something that doesn’t exist”.

BankVault is a sister product to GoPC that offers something no other security product can offer: 100% protection against bank account hacking.

Most businesses are powerless against a now global, lethal cocktail of highly motivated and funded criminal gangs and the world’s most sophisticated computer hacking technology. The existing security model of 2 Factor authentication and anti-virus and anti-malware software is broken, forever playing catch-up to the latest attack type. As a result, business bank account hacking is skyrocketing across the world. BankVault prevents this by avoiding the fully-booted, endpoint machine’s OS.

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