We researched the GoPC cloud computing alternative and determined we could achieve the same result for $30,000 pa. That represented a 95% cost saving and refreshing our entire IT infrastructure. Our Directors said we couldn’t afford “not” to do it...

Luke Dillon
IT Steering Committee/Cell Leader

Professionals Love GoPC

We maintained a competent IT department and invested heavily in our IT systems doing it by-the-book. At the point where we wanted to upgrade and refresh our infrastructure the cost was prohibitive. Circa $600,000. The business couldn’t support that.

We researched the GoPC cloud computing alternative and determined we could achieve the same result for $30,000 pa. That represented a 95% cost saving and refreshing our entire IT infrastructure. Our Directors said we couldn’t afford “not” to do it.

We decided to roll-out slowly, one system at a time, because our focus is always customer centric and we wanted minimal distractions. The organisation is now fully operational on the GoPC cloud and it does for us exactly what the old Microsoft network did for us.

It’s been so successful that we’re decided to go ever further than originally planned and virtualize another group of Microsoft database servers currently hosted in a data centre. That will cost us no more and will see us running on latest system software and hardware. We will have transitioned completely to cloud based IT infrastructure and literally own no server hardware. We’re now focusing all our resources on our business.

Luke Dillon
IT Steering Committee/Cell Leader

Pharmacy 777 is a large retail pharmacy group. Over a number of years the IT department had built a sophisticated IT network "by-the-book" however it had become unsustainable.

I have to say that the clients are extremely happy with the [GoPC] solutions that have been developed for them.

They do say that it has helped them to really run their businesses much more efficiently than before since they’re now able to handle their day-to-day activities such as invoicing and quotations from any location with mobile internet access.

Previously, they were tied to their offices to do these tasks, and they hence believe that this service has given them the opportunity for a substantial improvement in productivity of their business.

I have also incorporated a number of additional services to their business operation such as regular online backups of all files onto an internet based archival facility, as well as scheduled transfers of files from the GoPC cloud onto in-house servers to ensure continued operations in the event of an internet failure at the office location.

John Kumm
Business and IT Consultancy

John Kumm is a business and IT systems consultant who has implemented GoPC within small to medium size business.

We were a greenfield operation when starting in 2005 and needed a low cost IT system that would support our Philippines office and Australian office. GoPC was simple and easy to get started. As the business grew and we opened or closed new offices and simply added or delete user accounts. It’s been effective and simple. Our file server runs in the GoPC cloud and our virtual desktops, email and iPhones operate as one centralized system regardless of which continent we are on.

Mike Smith

Yangwha is a human resource and labour placement group with offices in the Philippines and Australia and has placed over 1,900 skilled personnel since 2005. The company built its business administration and communications on the GoPC.net Cloud.

Today it is completely feasible to run a small or medium size business with cloud computing. We researched and selected GoPC to deploy our software system to the mass market because GoPC provided a complete IT solution for business or can be implemented as a hybrid solution. Customers quickly realize GoPC eliminates many of the recurring IT issues within their organisation such as backups, standardized desktops, security, process flow and effectively gives their bogged down PC/Server network a new lease on life.

Our core business is implementing the “Audit Sherriff ” Quality Management System, which includes ongoing monitoring and auditing of the QA process remotely. GoPC allows us to do this simply and effectively and is the only practical means we’ve found to support customers with remote offices.

We’ve also embraced GoPC for running our own business as well as those of our clients. The open standards approach has been a refreshing change.

Jaco Coetzer

InsideQA helps small to medium enterprises achieve and maintain QA accreditation for ISO9001:2008. It pioneered and automated the low-cost "Audit Sherriff", a Quality Management System (QMS) which is deployed via the GoPC platform and monitored / audited remotely. Customers typically save 75% of costs.

GoPC solved a number of problems for us. Run by volunteers all club business used to be done on volunteer committee members home PCs. This created duplication all over the place making it impossible to know if we were working on the same version of a document. Emails used to be sent from personal accounts and so no history was caught we almost lost some important records when somebody’s hard disk crashed. The new incoming committee decided to implement GoPC to remedy all this.

All club businesses is now managed from GoPC rather than personal computers which allows 10 committee members to stay connected and coordinated regardless of whether they’re at work or home. Everything is indexed and backed up which means when a committee member hands over all we need is the username/password. There is nothing stored or even overlapping on the local physical PCs any more.

GoPC has become integral to our organisation because its worked so well.

Dean Gilkison - President, WA Kite Surfing Association

WAKSA is a sporting association which represents almost 800 kite surfers. The organisation implemented GoPC in 2005 to provide every committee member with a centralized file system, group email system, and virtual desktops.