GoPC is your hacker-proof, virtualized IT network in the cloud.

High-performance, virtual PCs and servers. 100% protected from endpoint hacking. All the current software.

GoPC is the future cloud.

GoPC’s desktop and network have all of the components of sophisticated PC/Server networks with none of the headaches. Instead of managing suites of software and expensive site licenses, GoPC replaces locally-running PC software. It’s far more than web apps and cloud storage. It’s a complete solution that can be implemented one PC at a time. Or you can use the GoPC system as a cloud-based compliment to your existing infrastructure.

Best of all, GoPC’s high-performance, virtual machine technology and secure cloud eliminates the endpoint security problem.

“You can’t hack a virtual machine that no longer exists.”

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Safe & Secure

GoPC builds a new Linux virtual machine with Chrome and Firefox every time you login. When you log out, the virtual machine is deleted. No history exists or is retained after you’ve finished. Portable and secure, you can also access GoPC via a standard browser on any PC and the sandboxed browser appears as a tab on the local machine.

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Superior Privacy

When you use GoPC your temporary virtual machine is allocated a shared IP address so that DNS requests, CND requests and your browsing history and physical location cannot be associated with your personal identity.

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Perfect for Small Businesses

No need to continually update software and patch anti-viruses and firewalls. GoPC is future proof. You’ll always be using the most current versions of your favorite software.

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