What is GoPC?

GoPC is a virtual computer for all your files and applications. Anything you add to GoPC will automatically show up on all your computers, phones and even the GoPC website — so you can access your stuff from anywhere.

GoPC's next generation cloud computing virtualizes your entire PC or server network in the cloud freeing you from any dependence on physical hardware. Better. Smarter. Faster. Cheaper.

GoPC Desktop

  • GoPC Desktop is used on any PC or Mac screen to display your applications and files.
  • Full-desktop Apps with support for standard file formats. (.doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf, images, etc.)
  • No dependence on hardware. No maintenance. No viruses or malware.
  • Deploy an entire "GoPC Network" of servers and software in minutes or hours instead of months.
  • Expand capacity or deploy new Apps with a click of the AppStore.
Virtual Desktop

Virtual Servers

  • GoPC virtual servers replace existing office file servers and back-end systems.
  • Connect remote offices together running off one centralized system.
  • PCs and Mac workstations connect to the on-line file systems.
  • Full security, Single-Sign-On and User Group Policy manage access rights to data.
  • Automated Backups can make recovery as simple as a key-click.


Automated Backups & DRP

  • GoPC automatically backs up your data files safely.
  • No more backup drives, manual procedures or prolonged recovery times waiting for your IT guy.
  • GoPC allows click-and-drag to recover deleted files or directories. You can opt for full visibility of historic backups allowing reconstruction to any point in time.
  • Data can be replicated to another physical data center or back to your own network. We strongly encourage customers to keep total redundancy and control over their own data.
  • Disaster Recover Procedures (DRP) can now be fully tested with ease, every day.

Business Applications

  • Dozens of fully integrated desktop apps supporting common file formats of Microsoft and others.
  • Integrated Web apps accessible through your browser. Mobile devices connectivity for integrating with the latest gadgets.
  • Specialist or enterprise wide legacy applications can be ported, depending on requirements.



Hosted Email Server

  • Zimbra Email Collaboration Suite is equivalent to running a Microsoft Exchange Server in GoPC.
  • Eliminate your in-house Exchange server by moving email and messaging collaboration into GoPC Zimbra.
  • Access from your mobile phone, Microsoft Outlook, or just using a simple web browser.
  • Shared calendars, shared address books, shared folders, briefcases, chat, and more.
  • Zimbra has been selected as the best-of-breed messaging solution on the market by organisations like YahooMail!, VMWare, Stanford University, Comcast, et al.